USystems Coldlogik Rear Door Cooler

  • Mapped Fields: Binary Sensors
  • Traps: Yes
  • Created by: Erin Lee
  • Trap mappings: High Temp Front Cabinet, Alarm Editor, Power Fail Feed A From UPS, Power Restored to Feed A, Leak Detection Alarm, Fan 1 Not Working, Fan 2 Not Working, Fan 3 Not Working, Fan 4 Not Working, Fan 5 Not Working, Fan 6 Not Working, AIN01 Broken or Disconnected, AIN02 Broken or Disconnected, AIN03 Broken or Disconnected, AIN04 Broken or Disconnected, AIN05 Broken or Disconnected, AIN06 Broken or Disconnected, AIN07 Broken or Disconnected, AIN08 Broken or Disconnected, AIN09 Broken or Disconnected, AIN10 Broken or Disconnected, High Temperature Zone 1, High Temperature Zone 2, Low Temperature Zone 1, Low Temperature Zone 2, Coil Clean Warning, Fan Check Warning, Filter Clean Warning, Service Contract Warning, Valve Check Warning, Custom Warning 1, Custom Warning 2, Custom Warning 3, Offline Serial Probe SPRB01, Offline Serial Probe SPRB02, Offline Serial Probe SPRB03, Offline Serial Probe SPRB04, Offline Serial Probe SPRB05, Offline Serial Probe SPRB06, Offline Serial Probe SPRB07, Broken Humidity Sensor Probe SPRB02, Broken Humidity Sensor Probe SPRB03, Broken Humidity Sensor Probe SPRB04, Broken Humidity Sensor Probe SPRB05, Broken Humidity Sensor Probe SPRB06, Broken Humidity Sensor S Probe SPRB06, Broken Temp Sensor Probe SPRB02, Broken Temp Sensor Probe SPRB03, Broken Temp Sensor Probe SPRB04, Broken Temp Sensor Probe SPRB05, Broken Temp Sensor Probe SPRB06, Broken Temp Sensor Probe SPRB07, Valve Not At Requested Position, Error in Memory Writings, Temperature Control Compensation, Serial Probe Low Hum, Serial Probe High Hum, Alarm Fan Global, No Serial Probes As Air Off Available, No Serial Probes As Cab Front Available, No Serial Probes As Humidity Available, Custom Alaram Active, Cold Aisle Alarm Active by DIN, High Temperature Air Off, Low Temperature Air Off, Cold Aisle Alarm Active By Max Speed, Belimo Offline, Excessive Utilisation Belimo, Mechanical Travel Increased Belimo, Mechanical Overload Belimo, Fire Protection Fault Belimo, Fire Damper Test Error Belimo, Duct Temp Too High Fire Protect Belimo, Smoke Detect Tripped Belimo, OfflineTQS3 Probe, and Leak Detected.
  • Trap clearing: No
  • Plugin Type: custom
  • Classification: SNMP
  • Tested PowerIQ Version: 8.0.1
  • Certified: Yes
  • Certified By: Gary Elango
  • Date Created: Tuesday, 14 December 2021
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