Chart Widget - What-if: Rack Units Space Capacity by Cabinet Customer

Shows the number of Rack Units in each sub-location (Cabinet, Row, or Aisle) that fall in 3 categories. Occupied Now are rack units in use from items not in Planned status. Open are rack units available for new items. Used by -Project Number- are the rack units that would be occupied once the items tagged with the project number and are in the planned status become installed. One or more Project Numbers can be included in the analysis by multi-selecting from the Projects parameter. 


      In order for a project to appear in this chart, the items associated with the project must meet the following criteria:

        * Items must have the Project Number assigned.

        * Items must be in the Planned status.

        * The items' subclass must be one that is rack mounted. (Blade and zero-U items are not included.)

        * The items must be assigned to a cabinet and U-position.

        * The items must be in the selected locations. (Projects associated with items in a different location than the selected one will not appear.)

  • Created by: Alexis Layne
  • Date Created: Monday, 27 February 2023

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