Note: Many of these plugins are customer specific and may not work with other implementations of the same Make/Model without modifications.

Therefore, the following list of Plugins requires that you contact Sunbird via our portal, open a case, and we'll send you the files necessary to import this plugin into your Power IQ instance.

For Standard Plugins, which are supported out of the box within Power IQ, see Standard Plugins page.

Last update: 4/4/18


Manufacturer Model Product Type  Traps
Clever RPDU RPDU D  rack PDU no
Cmatic BCM standalone meter no
Cyberex PDU rack PDU no
Cyberex RPP floor PDU no
Eaton 16 port rPDU rack PDU no
Eaton 9315 UPS, Eaton 9390 UPS floor UPS no
Eaton 93PM UPS / PXGMS floor UPS no
Eaton RPP floor PDU no
Eaton UPS floor UPS no
Emerson CRAC CRAC no
Geist KA16020456 rPDU rack PDU no
IBM rPDU rack PDU no
IBM rPDU DPI+ 46M4002  43V6143 rack PDU no
Janitza DTS310 standalone meter no
Janitza UMG-508 standalone meter no
Janitza UMG-511 standalone meter no
Janitza UMG-604 standalone meter no
Liebert Npower UPS floor UPS no
Liebert PeX AC CRAC no
Liebert PPA050C floor PDU floor PDU no
Liebert UPS floor UPS no
Northern Design Cube400 standalone meter no
Panduit SmartZone rPDU rack PDU no
Raritan BCM-2401, Raritan BCM-2401-KIT-01 power panel yes
Riello UPS floor UPS yes
RLE Falcon standalone meter no
Schneider MGE Galaxy 3500 40 kVA UPS floor UPS yes
Servertech Sentry Switched CDU rack PDU yes
SquareD PM710 standalone meter no
Stulz CRAC CRAC yes
usv-Masterguard UPS floor UPS yes