• Mapped Fields: Inlet: Voltage. Outlet: Current and Voltage. UPS Output: Source and Load Percentage. Battery: Status, Runtime Remaining, and Voltage.
  • Traps: Yes
  • Created by: Erin Lee
  • Trap mappings: Battery Low Voltage Shutdown, Battery Low Percentage Shutdown, Battery Over Voltage Shutdown, Battery Over Current Shutdown, Battery Unkown Type Shutdown, UPS battery configuration is mismatched, Battery Under Voltage Shutdown, SLA Battery Over Temperature Shutdown, UPS Battery Charging, Self test has been initiated, Line Connect Relay Fault Shutdown, Transfer To Fault Bypass, Bypass Power Distribution Module Disconnected, Manual Bypass Activated From Unsupported Mode, UPS On Battery Tmeout Shutdown, Low Battery Percentage Shudown, Battery Communications Lost, Battery OTA Shutdown, Dead Battery Recovery Shutdown, Transfer To Battery, Transer To Bypass, Transfer To DBR Line, Transfer To DBR Standby, Transfer To Standby, V20 Bus Not Steady Shutdown, V20 Bus Over Voltage Shutdown, V20 Bus Under Voltage Shutdown, Bypass Voltage Is Out Of Tolerance, Energy Saving Shutdown, Dry Contact Shutdown, and Inverter Over Current Shutdown.
  • Trap clearing: No
  • Plugin Type: structured
  • Classification: SNMP
  • Tested PowerIQ Version: 8.0.1
  • Certified: Yes
  • Certified By: Gary Elango
  • Date Created: Monday, 14 June 2021

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