Tripplite PDU3VSR6L1530 Rack PDU

Note: There's an order when loading the mib into a mib browser. 

Please follow the instructions regarding the order in which you load the MIBs. Note that for the PDU3VSR6L1530 you will not require the TRIPPLITE_PRODUCTS.MIB, but if your MIB browser is not file-limited, feel free to include it.


  • Mapped Fields: Inlet: Voltage, current, Active power & Apparent Power Inlet Pole: Voltage & Current Output: Active Power, Apparent Power & Current
  • Traps: Yes
  • Created by: Gary Elango
  • Trap mappings: An alarm is inserted into the alarm table An alarm is removed from the alarm table
  • Plugin Type: custom
  • Classification: SNMP
  • Tested PowerIQ Version: 5.2
  • Certified: Yes
  • Certified By: Gary Elango
  • Date Created: Wednesday, 24 May 2017

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