The following devices are supported natively or "out of the box" in Power IQ.

For a list of events for supported devices, see the Power IQ online help or user guide available on the Sunbird support portal.

Vendor Product Type Description Model Supported Product Firmware Proxy Index
Required even
when not daisy chained
APC Rack PDU Metered Rack PDU Series 78XX v3.9.3 RPDU  
APC Rack PDU Switched Rack PDU Series 79XX v3.0 NMC3, v7.1.3 & v7.0.8 RPDU2, v2.5.0.6 RPDU  
APC Rack PDU Switched and Metered (Note: The standalone and daisy chained PDUs are both supported.) 8XXX  v3.0 NMC3, v7.1.3 RPDU2, v2.5.0.6 RPDU  
APC Rack PDU Switched Rack PDU Series (Note: The standalone and daisy chained PDUs are both supported.) 9XXX   v3.0 NMC3, v2.5.0.6 RPDU  
APC Rack PDU Switched and Metered (Note: The standalone and daisy chained PDUs are both supported.) 10XXX  v2.0.6.7 &  v2.0.6.5 NetShelter  
APC Netbotz Probe All models All f/w  
APC UPS Uninterruptible power supply backUPS, smartUPS, smartUPS2,Floor UPS families 520.2000.D Symmetra  
Aphel PDU Single phase meter DBQ10285/3    
Avocent Rack PDU Rack PDU Series PM1000, PM2000, PM3000 1.3.0  
Baytech Rack PDU RPC Series RPC Series with Ethernet Access; standalone or with a DC controller F 1.09  
Baytech Rack PDU   MRP and MMP Series    
Chatsworth PDU 36 outlet, 3 phase, 60 amp TS1012776   Other Proxy ID scheme, Chatsworth
CPI Unity
Chatsworth PDU 36 outlet, 3 phase, 60 amp TS1009368    
Chatsworth PDU   Gen1  TS1009368 vertical 24    
Control Solutions, Inc. Gateway Protocol Inverter Babel Buster SPX    
CyberSwitching Rack PDU Smart Dualcom series DC1620V, DC1630ViC B, DC1640V, DC440i, DC440L, DC460L, DC820, DC830i, DC840    
Cyclades Rack PDU   Cyclades PM PDU series products are connected to Cyclades ACS Console Server (via SNMP)   Other Proxy ID scheme

Eaton Rack PDU ePDU Eaton standard Density & High Density PWXXX series models   (G3, eAM004) – default 0
Vertiv Geist Rack PDU Ethernet Metered PDUs GM Series EM40/GM1 5-120, EM40/GM1 5-80 1.46  
Vertiv Geist     EM 8/GM6, EM 8/GM 3, EM 40/GM 22, EM 8/G M2, EM 8/GM 1    
HP Rack PDU AF Series AF 5XXX, 9XXX, 370962-D7 1    
HP Rack PDU Rack PDUs with HP power strips that use the PDU2 section of the HP-Compaq Power MIB HP 8.6kVA 208V 3Ph 21out NA/JP mPDU    
Knurr Rack PDU DI-STRIP®     All Models
Vertiv Liebert Rack PDU   MPX, MPH, & MPH2 Series   with Enterprise OID of
Use Proxy ID of 1 even for non-daisy chained
Vertiv Liebert UPS Uninterruptible power supply NPower 30 - 130 kVA UPS Systems V 1 .27  
Vertiv Liebert FDC Power Distribution Cabinet Each FDC can have up to 4 panels. Each panel in turn supports up to 42 circuits      
MRV Console Server LX Series LX4000T    
nVent Rack PDU Only PDU’s with IP dongle firmware IPG-02-FW-v07 PDU’s with IP dongle W meter firmware 1B-v14W or above  
NTI PDU Sensor Aggregator Enviromux    
MRV Rack PDU LX Series LX-5250, LX-5210, LX-4800 5.3.2 All Models
Raritan Rack PDU Ethernet Metered PDUs PM Series EM40/PM1 5-120, EM40/PM1 5-80, EM 8/PM 6, EM 8/PM 3, EM 40/PM 22, EM 8/PM 2, EM 8/PM 1 1.46  
Raritan Rack PDU PX Series All models All firmware versions Raritan SX
RT Systems PDU Sensor Aggregator TM2, TM3    
Rittal Rack PDU Metered Power System Module & CMC-TC Processing Unit II     CMC-TU – 0 or greater, in PIQ 5.1.2
Schleifenbauer Rack PDU   Hybrid and Classic PDUs    
ServerTech Rack PDU POPS, Switched, and Smart series, CDUs and Sentry3 and 4 All models in each CDU series 6.0, 7.0, 8.0 recommended v7.0m firmware or newer
Rack PDU Hawk-I Controller Unit & PDUs     All Models
Tripp Lite Rack PDU   PDU MXXX Series Switched, Monitored PDU product line. PDUs with single and double inlets    
Universal Electric/Starline PDU / Rack PDU Overhead Power Distribution M40 series, V40 series, M50 series, V50 series
Complete model list here
3.87 and above  M type meters will be discovered using a proxy index of 1. Null proxy index 0 will not be used

V type meters will take a proxy index of 1 up to the maximum outlet count.
Proxy Index 1 will represent Outlet 1
Proxy Index 2 will represent Outlet 2, etc

Read and Write community strings must be the same