If your device is not listed on the Standard Plugin, Dynamic Plugins for Download, or Plugins Available Upon Request pages, you can request a new free plugin.

Requesting a new plugin is as easy as 1,2,3.

  1. Obtain the SNMP MIB file for the device from the Manufacturer.
  2. Use Power IQ to capture a SNMP MIB Walk.  We will use this to create a simulation for testing.  See instructions below.
  3. Create a ticket using the Sunbird Support Portal dynamic plugin request form  
    Please include the Manufacturer, specific Model number, MIB file, and MIB walk file to the ticket.


Instructions to create a SNMP MIB walk using Power IQ

1. In Power IQ, click on the Settings tab
2. Click SNMP diagnostics

3. Enter an IP address of the device and the community string

4. Click Run Tests and wait. After a few minutes, a text file containing the SNMP walk will be created in the browser download folder.